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Organization Development – Designing and optimizing structures efficiently

Growth, volatile markets, digitization or the strategic repositioning of business fields all require companies to regularly evaluate their existing structures and processes. Here, the focus always lies on two objectives: First, an effective structure and, second, the efficiency of interaction and cooperation within the organization.

Effective corporate structures are characterized by their clear relationship to the strategic objectives of the company and they must be aligned with the performance management concept.

Organizations which work efficiently are defined by clear and distinct tasks and responsibilities. Moreover, they understand that resources must be deployed with the greatest possible flexibility and that potential must be realized through bundling (shared services) or externalization (sourcing). Here, company forms, tariff models, and vertical integration play a fundamental role.

With our Organizational Performance approach, we at Horváth & Partners will support you in securing sustainable corporate success from an organizational perspective.

Together we will set up a project for optimizing your organization in which we will work hand-in-hand with your decision-makers to evaluate and redesign your corporate structures, especially from the perspective of the role and performance management responsibilities of your headquarters. Using systematic organization analyses we will identify efficiency potentials from which we will derive concrete recommended actions which are completely implementable and will be both accepted and realized by a broad base of your employees.

We understand industry-specific requirements and are experienced in accompanying companies which wish to enhance the performance of their organization.