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(Multi-Tower) Shared Services & Center of Excellence – Tapping potentials to the fullest

Against the backdrop of increasingly dynamic markets, for years now rising cost pressures and cries for efficiency in the provision of internal support services (e.g. HR, finance, controlling) have been perennial hot potatoes in day-to-day management.

One very promising way of successfully mastering these challenges is to take tasks and functions previously carried out locally and bundle them together in shared service centers. This creates economies of scale and bundling effects which help optimize overheads. The main drivers here are, for example, increased standardization and automation in service provision, as well as cost benefits through the use of low-wage locations. At the same time, in many cases the introduction of a shared service organization can also create qualitative benefits. The use of service level agreements to create clear definitions of expected services leads to increased process transparency and simplified performance management. Improvements in process stability and professionalism are further advantages which often accompany the introduction of shared service organizations.

As a rule, setting up single-function shared service organizations should, however, only be the first step down the road to the optimal structure for support functions. A multi-tower approach for the further development of the existing (functional) shared service landscape into integrated business services offers companies the possibility of realizing further optimization potentials in terms of cost savings and service quality.

We will support you in the successful concept design and implementation of shared service structures to realize competitive advantages.

We offer expertise and experience across the entire project spectrum – from initial concepts and feasibility studies, through implementation to concept roll-in.

We would be pleased to sit down with you to discuss the individual situation of your company and to analyze the potentials shared service centers could offer you.