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Human resources management caught in the middle between strategic positioning and profitability

The field of Human Resources (HR) Management has been undergoing change for some years now. If HR used to be a purely administrative support function, today it is increasingly required to act as a strategic partner for the management, actively supporting the strategic objectives of the company and heavily involved in both personnel support and organizational change processes.

As a strategic partner, HR advises line managers in a partnership of equals and is actively involved in designing HR management across the whole company. Alongside HR and labor law expertise, HR managers also need extensive knowledge of the respective business field of the company.

Against the backdrop of current challenges, such as lack of skilled employees and diversity management, HR managers need to fulfill this complex requirement portfolio and create their own added value for the company’s bottom line.

Additionally, the HR function increasingly has to answer calls for profitability. It must provide its services at the highest levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Frequently, HR managers meets these demands by bundling administrative activities or using external service providers.

In order to be successful while balancing the opposing poles of strategic positioning and profitability, it is essential for the HR function to pursue a holistic orientation.

With our performance-based orientation of the HR function, you will create competitive advantages and effectively tap your hidden potentials.
By aligning HR strategy with corporate strategy, creating transparent and optimal HR structures and processes, and carrying out rigorous HR performance management, you will enhance the overall performance of your HR. Our HR Performance Excellence approach meets the twin demands of both the management and those in charge of HR.