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Comprehensive cost-cutting and sustainable revenue growth form the core tenets of improving corporate performance

Due to a wide range of external developments, companies are constantly under pressure to refocus their business model and their strategy, to tweak their cost structures, and at the same time to increase their revenues. As experts in cost and revenue management, we at Horváth & Partners have extensive experience in and detailed knowledge of designing high-performance organizational structures and processes. Optimally focused structures and processes reduce complexity and lead to increases in corporate performance.

Thanks to Horváth & Partners’ focus on Performance you can sustainably grow corporate revenues and cut costs across the board.

First, together we will take a critical look at your business model against the background of the current and expected market and competitive situation and define target revenues and appropriate cost structures. After analyzing the business model, we will derive fields of action and focuses for optimizing the functions.

Our solution concepts target the optimization of performance in the individual functions. At all times we take the specific situation of your company into account. The most important levers are:

  • Creating appropriate cost structures and processes
  • Defining optimal locations
  • Creating manageable and sufficiently flexible organizational structures
  • Achieving the optimal degree of vertical integration (insourcing v. outsourcing)
  • Tapping further sales potentials

To do so we have a very team-oriented approach which combines a management-driven top-down view with bottom-up verification. This also increases the support available to employees during measure implementation, which is a crucial success factor in performance enhancement programs.