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Change Management – Anchoring changes sustainably in the mindset and behavior of employees

To be successful in the long run, organizations must regularly critically assess the long-term viability of their strategies, business models, structures, performance management systems, processes, IT systems and methods of cooperation and continuously develop them.

This often means that organizations, teams and employees have to break away from old and comfortable practices and think outside the box. However, we all know that people are naturally somewhat lethargic, prone to temporize and in need of stability. We only really change when we explicitly want to, can, are allowed to and, in the final analysis, must change.

Do you want to develop your culture from perfectionism based on extreme detail to greater customer-centricity, to anchor a performance-based “we-feeling” in your management team, or to establish an innovative cooperation form which breaks the “silo mold”? Our change programs Cultural Change, Leadership Performance or Future Collaboration will help you make the transition from today to tomorrow.

We will also use our change know-how to help you successfully complete projects such as strategy implementation, post-merger integration, lean management initiatives, IT implementations or the introduction of a new performance management concept. To do so we dovetail the project perspective with daily operations and use target-based communication and change measures to sustainably increase the implementation strength of your organization, your teams and your employees.

We use pragmatic needs analyses to construct your individual change architecture with tried-and-tested sets of measures. At the same time, effective change controlling monitors the change process and enables pinpoint fine tuning.

In this way we work hand-in-hand to master your challenges and guide your undertaking down the right path to success.