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Designing, managing and optimizing value chains

Rising complexity and costs, demands for increasing levels of service, product diversity and global networking: These are
all known issues but they are ones which create new challenges on a daily basis for your supply chain management. Additionally, the calls for more overall flexibility and increased risk avoidance are getting louder – and it is not seldom that these conflict with measures to completely integrate global value chains.

We recommend you start conceptual considerations on supply chain management by formulating your mid- and long-term strategy – otherwise your operational responsibilities will threaten to distort your view on higher-ranking issues. Ideally, a strategic vision comprises not only a global location structures and transportation network but also the associated organizational structures and processes. We will help you by providing our expertise in the relevant methods, approaches and markets.

In order to face the challenge of rising complexity, suitable performance management systems and KPIs are necessary. It is most important to maintain an overview despite the mass of information available: Each performance indicator must really be relevant for decision-making. An important part of the performance management system for the supply chain is supply chain costing: Only those companies who truly know their costs and the services of their suppliers can objectively weigh up the different options available to them.

Operative efficiency, on the other hand, is dictated by daily business: In daily life, supply chain processes must not only work smoothly, they must also be flexible and resistant to negative influences of all types. We will support you with reference processes – from procurement, through production/ storage to distribution.

Whether you want to improve your operative processes or develop comprehensive concepts in supply chain planning and inventory management: Our experts know the real business practices from many years of hands-on experience and will help you make your endeavors successful in the long term.