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Value driver for sustainable corporate success

Modern purchasing must integrate a range of different strategic and operative tasks – from strategic purchasing performance management, through material group and cost management, to supplier and risk management. Only a comprehensive, holistic performance management approach can provide the key to sustainable success!

When you are defining your purchasing strategy, it is important to consider both corporate strategy and existing internal and external parameters. The targets and goals defined in the strategy are translated into specific measures with quantifiable target values, responsibilities and material groups in order to facilitate the optimization and measurement of purchasing success and performance, together with effective strategic purchasing performance management. External benchmarks support KPI-based purchasing performance management.

A comprehensive spend analysis based on efficient IT tools is the basis for transparency in the material groups. Analytical tools support the optimization of the product and service costs in the individual material groups. Cross-functional cooperation with internal clients and the suppliers facilitates the identification of savings potentials. Additionally, our integrative cost estimation system offers robust approaches to further optimization of products and services based on value analyses.

Supplier management ensures the active performance management and development of the supplier portfolio. Market changes are anticipated and flow into the active risk management system on several levels of the value creation chain.

In order to create a structured framework for these measures in the face of increasing internationalization and rising volatility, we will consider and optimize your individual end-to-end purchasing and payment process in combination with proven organizational concepts. By anchoring our competence management concepts firmly across your purchasing staff, we will ensure the sustainability of our work.