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Production – Performance Management and Optimization of Production Functions

COOs, plant managers and production heads all face complex challenges when it comes to managing the performance of their functions. Be it the reallocation, expansion or reduction of production capacities, the consideration of fluctuating customer demands, or costs, run times, quality and high flexibility within the production network – they must keep an eye on and continuously optimize everything.

The core responsibility of the production manager is to optimize production and thus sustainably increase the contribution to corporate success. Production resources must be aligned with the requirements of the market. The foundation of efficient manufacturing and assembly is to have both an organizational and operational structure which is aligned with the company’s strategic objectives and a high degree of transparency.

As experts for performance management systems, we will support you in designing your production while considering all the relevant strategic and operational objectives and requirements through the use of suitable performance instruments and target-based indicators.

Additionally, with our subsidiary CONSULT ING Horváth Engineers GmbH we are able to go one step further and offer you technology-related consulting services to optimize your efficiency and value-added in all aspects pertaining to production. Our service portfolio ranges from Strategy & Footprint through Lean Operations, Supplier Management and Quality Enhancement to Management Systems based on ISO or VDA.