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Operations Performance Management 4.0 – Providing services more efficiently and effectively

In production industries, digitization has made great strides over the years under the banner of “Industry 4.0”. The digital networking of business processes also offers huge potential for the service provider sector, for example in shared services centers for back-office processes, or in the operation centers of banks and insurance companies.

Using industry as a model, service providers can take the next step towards digitization with Operations Performance Management 4.0 (OPM 4.0). OPM 4.0 links new, digital technologies with key processes in service production, planning, and management, and therefore helps service providers to achieve significant performance optimization.

In the Horváth & Partners approach to OPM 4.0, digital process and service architecture plays a key role. It forms a digital production line along the value chain, reflecting an integrated approach to company-specific IT, products and services. In this context, digital process and service architecture creates the foundation for other elements of the OPM 4.0 framework, such as capacity planning and management, or requirements planning and order management.

Innovative technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) are implemented in the integrated capacity and resource plan. They support companies in marshaling their resources within the context of efficient productivity management, and ensure optimized task management throughout the end-to-end process of providing a service. OPM 4.0 focuses on fulfilling customer orders, and helps to make best use of resources such as employees, robots or service providers.

Performance management also provides ongoing monitoring of key order parameters in real time, in order to quickly identify a possible need for action regarding the customer order, and to take the corresponding measures.

Some aspects of OPM 4.0 are still in the distant future for many service providers. Those providers who have already implemented OPM 4.0, however, will noticeably benefit from the far more efficient and effective way that they perform their services.