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Designing service processes efficiently and with a focus on the customer

How competitive service companies are depends heavily on how efficiently they can provide services. As a result, one major lever for success is permanently optimizing the main operative processes. On the one hand, there are the costs; on the other speed, stability in quality and the performance management of processes.

Our Operational Excellence (OpEx) approach enables companies to achieve optimal performance in their operative processes (operations). The goal is to permanently improve the ability to create effective and efficient value creation chains which focus on the needs and desires of the customer.

The Horváth & Partners OpEx Framework breaks down into three design fields: Operations Strategy, Operations Processes & Organization, and Operations Performance Management.

Operations Strategy deals with the strategic aspects of performing services and comprises topics concerning the fundamental production model with the associated elements of added value distribution, locations, production technologies, and IT environment. This underlying strategic framework (business model, product program, customer requirements, etc.) defines the scope of action for the organization and processes and for designing a suitable (production) performance management concept.

An efficient and effective – in terms of transparency and the ability to make decisions – organization needs the processes and roles in the provision of services to be actively shaped. Alongside the capacities required, companies must develop the necessary skills and IT structures, which is why human capital management and IT are intrinsically and inseparably linked with process design.

Once the strategic, organizational and procedural structures have been shaped actively, the focus shifts to optimizing operative performance management. The overall system for Operational Excellence is rounded off with tailor-made production planning and performance management – derived from the strategic success factors (key performance indicators) – together with a corresponding reporting system.

Studies on Operational Excellence

Horváth & Partners have been carrying out industry-specific studies on assessing the maturity of Operational Excellence (OpEx), in which we structure and analyze the major trends and developments, for many years. We offer globally active corporations the possibility to draw regional comparisons for their operations units.