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Cost efficiency and performance optimization for your value chain

Increasing cost pressures and rising demands for service and flexibility are some of the main challenges operations departments are faced with. Excellent companies seek sustainable optimization and a clear alignment of operations and purchasing processes with the company’s strategy or the business model to create clear competitive advantages.

To achieve excellence in the area of operations, it is absolutely vital to optimize the conflicting goals of time, costs and quality. Special attention must be paid to the increased need for flexibility due to global competition and rapidly changing demands from markets and customers. The road to excellence begins with operations strategy – derived from corporate strategy – and considers organization and processes before arriving at a target-based planning and performance management system which provides optimal support for decision-making.

Over the past few years, purchasing has emerged as an important success factor. Excellent performance in purchasing can create sustainable competitive advantages. Our approach at Horváth & Partners analyzes the way purchasing interacts with other internal partners such as development and production in order to generate not only short-term cost benefits but also long-term competitive advantages.

We can draw upon over 20 years of experience in the comprehensive design of operational processes and performance management systems. Numerous companies from different industries – from DAX groups to mid-sized firms – trust our expertise.

We support companies in structuring both their operations processes and their purchasing with expert business management expertise, creativity and pragmatism, as well as with a range of methodologies tailored to meet the client’s specific needs paired with proven implementation skills.

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