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Optimizing the IT strategy and IT target operating model

As part of digitization, it is necessary to reduce the complexity of IT and the IT infrastructure, make IT more modular and flexible, as well as sustainably control costs. To successfully master these challenges and be competitive in the future, it is important to clearly align corporate IT's activities with the business activities of the company. 

Here it is not only important that IT strategy is in line with corporate strategy, but above all that the IT system as a whole is consistently able to support business activities both efficiently and sustainably. To achieve these goals, IT must be controlled by an IT target operating model and the IT operating model must be implemented. IT sourcing geared to corporate needs makes a significant contribution to achieving strategic goals in the IT organization by outsourcing commodity IT. IT becomes more efficient and resources can be used more effectively.

IT Strategy



IT strategy is a central cornerstone of successful corporate performance management. With the help of the right IT strategy, the complexity of IT can also be controlled in the long term.

We help you to develop, implement and closely integrate your IT strategy with your corporate strategy and thus ensure the success of your company by providing targeted IT support for your business activities.

IT Target Operating Model

In a constantly changing market environment, it is important to ensure that IT organizations are flexible, manageable, scalable and cost-efficient, while meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements.

We will help you finely tune your IT scope and business model as well as all management processes, in order to establish a future-proof IT operation in your company which can quickly and flexibly react to changing market demands. At the heart of our approach lies the application of corporate management principles to IT, thus dovetailing individual IT elements that they become especially efficient and effective.

IT Sourcing

Shaping and implementing a sourcing landscape is now an integral part of the IT operating model for many companies. 

Therefore, we help you not only in defining the sourcing strategy and planning the ideal sourcing mix, but also with the sustainable control of the providers by offering support for tenders, transition and transformation, establishing effective control mechanisms, establishing and optimizing a retained organization as well as the continued development of your employees.