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Harness the power of a cutting-edge IT operation to achieve goals which others can only dream of

In many business models, a cutting-edge IT operation is an integral part of added value, and gives companies a decisive advantage over their competitors. It’s all about seeing IT as a business. However, in many companies IT is not perceived – by IT management or directors – as playing a key role in commercial success. As a result, the IT function does not fulfill its potential as a factor for success.

As a management consulting company which leads the market in corporate performance management, our knowledge of concepts and tools to use in IT performance management is unrivaled. For us, “understanding IT as a business” means applying successful performance management methods such as lean management, production management, or cost optimization to IT, and considering them as interlinked, just like other commercially-focused company divisions (production, sales, etc.).

When it comes to increasing the performance of IT organizations and IT service providers, we focus on the following three areas:

  • IT Performance Culture
  • IT Management Control
  • IT Value Chain Control

For CIOs, CFOs, CDOs and (IT) controllers, we create clarity with regard to the IT business and management model and how IT contributes to a company’s success. Our integrated approach leads to improved implementation of management’s strategic aims in IT; and the improved analyses of facts and figures means you’ll be sure you’re making the right decisions. Increased transparency in the IT value chain makes IT performance easier to manage, and can have an impact on costs and profitability.

We have a wealth of experience gained across hundreds of successful projects, from initial concept to implementation in systems, both in medium-sized companies and large corporations.