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An effective treasury division is a central requirement for any company’s growth and – in the event of a crisis – survival. Globalization, financial crises, and fluctuations in the currency or commodities markets all mean that the treasury division is becoming ever more important. At the same time, historical factors often mean that in many companies it is only partially integrated into the processes and systems of the financial division. This both limits its effectiveness and increases costs.

The fundamental prerequisite for the synchronization of treasury processes with the processes and systems of other financial functions is that the treasury division must be extremely effective at its core tasks. By means of short-, medium- and long-term financing, companies must remain competitive, and the financial risks caused by volatile foreign currencies, interest rates, or investments must be mitigated. The treasury division plays a vital role when it comes to suitable venture capital and appropriate capital structure, among other things.

Our analyses identify the optimization potential and the main levers for improving your core processes. Benchmarks are used to help set targeted priorities for the further development of your division.

Our experienced experts are on hand to model your treasury processes, ranging from working capital, and the resulting cash and liquidity management, to accounting. We support you as you establish strong technical concepts and select suitable IT systems, and when you implement these technical concepts in the systems.

In contrast to specialists, who can only help improve treasury processes, we have both treasury expertise and professional insight into the connections involved in finance and controlling. We are aware of accounting and controlling systems and the interdependencies that are so important for the treasury division. We are able to design new treasury processes in a structure that simplifies cooperation between the treasury and other departments. We ensure that solutions for interfaces to other corporate functions are found that guarantee the satisfaction of all parties.

We would be delighted to meet you personally and introduce you to our integrated model.