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For quite some time corporate tax departments have been more than mere interfaces to fiscal authorities. Tax information is a fixed element in annual statements, being of great importance because current taxes lead to a direct cash effect and deferred taxes have a significant influence upon the bottom line.

Alongside the activities associated with regular reporting and with compiling the tax declaration, the tax department also serves as an advisor when it comes to legal changes or as a risk manager with regard to  ongoing tax audits.

Fiscal tasks – embedded in the company’s processes and organization – are often highly complex. The key to success is a customer-oriented mindset, clear structures and a high level of process efficiency.

Consulting services dedicated to enhancing processes and organizations within tax departments have formed an important part of our service portfolio for over 10 years. Our consulting services have been specifically tailored for large companies. Furthermore, we support tax departments with a software solution based on SAP.

We will gladly support you in the following areas:

  • Setting up a global standard process model for calculating current and deferred taxes as part of your regular reporting
  • Developing an organizational concept which positions the tax department as an expert service in your company
  • Developing global monitoring concepts for ongoing audits
  • Introducing and optimizing the German “E-Bilanz” (support for electronic reporting procedures)
  • Creating transparency during the reconciliation processes with the fiscal authorities

We would be happy to present our service portfolio to you in person, provide you with our references or show you details of our SAP-based software. Simply get in touch with us to find out more.

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