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Today, nearly every company operates on international markets. The consequence is a globalized value chain and an increasing need for corporations to align with international, competitive requirements. This leads to organizations becoming more and more complex, requiring businesses to be globally managed. Management thus asks for consistent and relevant information; the quality of that information is becoming a key competitive advantage.

In order to ensure they have the ability to manage their performance and to lay the foundation for further growth, globally grown companies are working intensively on adapting their performance management systems. An integrated performance management concept, One Finance or One ERP, new general ledger, a carefully calculated profit analysis at group level with drill-down possibility, center performance management or strategic transfer pricing are just some of the typical buzzwords used in this context.

We have been dealing with these issues for more than 25 years. Numerous major corporations and globally active mid-sized companies trust us. We provide comprehensive support for those in charge of management control and finance in their projects and undertakings – from developing their operational performance management concept, through shaping their internal and external accounting, to reporting.

Our major focal points in the fields of operational control and management accounting are:

  • Cost accounting and financial reporting in global companies
  • Operative group and division performance management
  • Plant and production performance management
  • Customer performance management and product profitability
  • Strategic and operational transfer price management
  • Project and solution performance management
  • Financial reporting in services
  • Center accounting and multi-dimensional accounting
  • Green controlling

Our strength lies in the close combination of our skills in concept design and implementation. This is how we make our solutions work. We would be glad to provide you with a list of references. Simply get in touch with us for more details.


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