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For active and forward-looking corporate performance management, the executive management needs information that has management relevancy and is tailored to the needs of the recipients in the form of reports – at the right time, in the right place and with preparation and visualization which foster intuitive comprehension of the content. The provision of such reports is no simple task, containing as it does a wide range of challenges:

  • Those in charge of sub-organizations use different performance management approaches; this leads to inconsistencies in reporting.
  • The information required for decision-making is not available and must be provided manually at great expense in terms of time and money.
  • The volume of data available from the markets, from production, from logistics etc. is rising exponentially. Extracting the right information from this data and evaluating it properly is becoming increasingly difficult.

In order to master these challenges – and others – you need a convincing concept, the know-how for technical implementation, and structures which ensure that the management reporting is accepted by everyone as a single point of truth. Our projects in the field adhere to an integrated approach comprised of concept, technology and change management. A core element is that the content reflects the business model – the DNA of a company – in holistic driver models. This ensures we achieve consistent, rigorous performance management based on the key performance indicators (KPIs). This concept plays a significant role in avoiding overloaded reports. Deriving the precise data necessary and automating the process of information generation enable you to avoid having long, drawn-out and complicated report compilation processes.

We are thought-leaders in this field – from real-time and self-service reporting, through mobile BI, to sustainability reporting – and use our experience and expertise to set new standards in management reporting. Moreover, we have been organizing the most renowned German expert forum on this topic for many years now: The Specialist Conference on Reporting (Fachkonferenz Reporting).