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International growth through establishing or acquiring numerous subsidiaries is making group performance management an important issue in many companies. The management of corporate entities from the overarching perspective of the group must be smoothly interfaced with the management of the divisions or the individual subsidiaries.

Due to globalization and changing market conditions, the demands upon group performance management instruments are becoming greater and greater.

The CFO organization finds itself caught between conflicting goals in group performance management: Rising demands in terms of quality, flexibility and speed of the provision of information contrast with increased pressures to reduce costs and standardize. In order to be successful in the face of these conflicting pressures, it is imperative to continuously check which tools of group performance management are still appropriate and which need further development. For example, due to ongoing cost pressures, many corporations are currently experiencing the need to make functional costs from the group perspective manageable across all business units and to leverage efficiency reserves.

A further challenge for group performance management is to dovetail the processes for internal and external reporting. The question of the right characteristics of integrated reporting must be discussed in the context of the need for performance management and qualified answers must be found.

Based on numerous projects and studies on the challenges mentioned here and a wide range of other issues centered around group performance management, together we will develop bespoke solutions for the sustainable enhancement of your performance in this field.

We would be happy to present our holistic model to you in person.