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Providing the certainty of knowing that your finance department is on the right track

Those in charge of finance departments often ask themselves whether their structures are flexible and fit enough for the future. Effective organizations and efficient procedures with a clear focus on performance are absolutely vital in today’s volatile business environment.

Therefore the aim of a CFO is to design a target operating model (TOM) which focuses on transparency and performance management capability while being consistent with the company’s current strategy.

Our approach is based on an evaluation of the TOM. This ensures that all projects for further developing the CFO area are synchronized with corporate and external requirements.

We support the growth and development of financial departments in becoming best-in-class organizations by following the two-pronged approach of Organizational Excellence and Operational Excellence.

Organizational Excellence focuses on the development and optimization of the CFO organization in the fields of finance and controlling. Aspects such as “centric or non-centric organizational set-ups”, allocation of resources or bundling of processes in service centers and/or the possibility of outsourcing, are frequently discussed.

Operational Excellence aims to enhance performance and to achieve a stronger customer-oriented mindset in the more transactional processes (e.g. credit/debit processes) and in those processes which are driven by effectiveness (e.g. planning and forecasting, reporting). Auxiliary processes such as master data management or guideline management complete the process model. Excellence is determined based on
Horváth & Partners’ own benchmark database.

Horváth & Partners are your reliable partner for assessing your situation and for developing flexible and efficient organizational and operational structures of your CFO area.