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Define direction, set focal points, further implementation: Apply a clear strategy and accelerate the development of your financial area

Economic fluctuations, volatile markets and the associated uncertainties are changing the scope of CFOs. In order to prepare finance departments for future challenges, they require a permanent reorientation. Only those who have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve tomorrow can actually move themselves in the right direction. But what exactly are the most important issues and how should they be prioritized? How can the solutions be implemented quickly and efficiently?

A clear CFO strategy provides answers to these questions. But a look at the current situation in many financial departments shows that some CFOs are struggling to find and prepare a coherent and consistent strategy. In some cases, there is even a complete lack of a CFO agenda. Problem-solving takes place on a case-by-case basis and is driven by the situation; the instruments and processes of the finance organization are seldom forward-looking.

This is why we have developed an approach which provides CFOs with support in coordinating all the relevant components and necessary steps to achieve their individual and future-oriented CFO strategy. Depending on the financial department’s initial situation and the company’s underlying circumstances, suitable focal points are selected for elaborating the CFO strategy. Based on our expertise, we design the conceptual framework for assessing and prioritizing the relevant topics. For each topic in the CFO’s strategy, the appropriate measures and actions are derived and incorporated into a finance transformation roadmap for implementation.

Whether you wish to discuss future CFO topics and trends, redesign the CFO area or implement concrete strategy measures – with Horváth & Partners you have the No. 1 partner  in the field of controlling and finance at your side.

CFO-Panel Web App

If you are in charge of, or responsible for, Finance in a company or a public organization, you can now access benchmarks and trends from the fields of Finance and Controlling easily and conveniently via our CFO-Panel web app. The app also delivers valuable input to help answer the question whether the structures in your CFO organization are flexible enough and fit for the future and whether your procedures are efficient. The app interactively portrays selected top KPIs, such as the number of employees in the finance and controlling functions, run times of processes, or organizational alternatives. In all cases, the results can be filtered according to company size, industry and region.

You can access the CFO-Panel web app from any mobile device and desktop: www.cfo-panel.com. You do not need to download the app from the App Store. Use of the CFO-Panel web app is free for companies. The only requirement for access is that you register. Registration only takes a few seconds, after which you will have instant access to the data.