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More and more new legal requirements on the one hand, continually increasing internal demands on the other and the permanent pressure to reduce costs force those in charge of accounting to continuously improve their departments.

In order to successfully master these challenges, you need Accounting Excellence. Accounting Excellence is our approach to boosting the performance of your accounting departments to a best-in-class level. Depending on your situation, Accounting Excellence can be applied to different aspects of your work. Our experience has taught us, that our customers need particular support in the following areas:

  • Speeding up processes
  • Harmonizing account structures and processes across the entire company
  • Introducing multidimensional accounting and segment balance sheets
  • Ensuring corporate-wide compliance
  • Strengthening the focus on service
  • Bundling activities in the company’s service centers or centers of excellence
  • Outsourcing sub-functions
  • Taking over transactional activities from controlling and partially also from other departments

These approaches can lead to considerable improvements in performance and to cost savings in the financial departments.

We will support you in creating convincing concepts. We combine concept design and the implementation of optimized processes by supporting you during the essential adaptation of your IT systems. We will help you  train your employees, making them capable of independently and continuously improving your processes.

For this purpose we will place at your disposal our comprehensive professional expertise, our interdisciplinary skills from all associated departments, our deeply-rooted IT know-how, and our experience from numerous projects of this kind. We will help you manage the performance of your projects optimally and will provide support in reaching your project goals.

We would be happy to talk to you about our competences in person. Simply get in touch with us to find out more.