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In order to be in a position to recognize all of the requirements and expectations of customers in the context of digitization and to satisfy them to the fullest extent possible, companies require a strict end-2-end orientation of the business processes along their value chain. Sadly, many companies in the service industry still have a lot of catching up to do in this regard. While it is true that numerous digitization initiatives have been introduced, most of them focus on isolated parts of the process chain (e.g. new apps and services, the abolition of paper). What is lacking is the synchronization of the requirements in an overarching digital platform strategy.

The consequences of such a lack are mistakes and suboptimal procedures in the process chain. For example, data which is collected digitally is stored redundantly in the back office or purchased services are not available during peak or off-peak times. Thus, the potential uses of digitization are not being fully leveraged while digital offerings partially compete with the existing service portfolio, thereby exacerbating the complexity of the process and application landscape.

Together with clients from diverse parts of the service industry, we have developed a cross-industry maturity model for a digital platform strategy. With its help you can assess the current state of the digitization of the service processes in your company, identify solutions and efficiently prioritize precisely those digitization measures which suit the specific situation of your company. We will gladly support you and place our many years of experience at your disposal to analyze and develop a digital platform strategy for your company. Profit from our experience in the design and performance management of efficient operations in the service industry (Operational Excellence), the optimization of customer interfaces (Sales Performance Excellence), and the creation of digital platforms, especially for middle and back office organizations.