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Steering Business Digitally

Digitization has the potential to unlock new levels of efficiency in corporate performance management and at the same time to increase the quality, speed and relevance of the information supply massively. The resulting changes represent a real paradigm shift: Established performance management processes are being questioned and seen in a different light; experts are reappraising their understanding of roles and responsibilities; specialists are pushing back the boundaries of process understanding and breaking down technological barriers. As the acceptance and creation of new digital foundations increases, corporate functions are reacting successively and changing their corporate performance management systems significantly.

The first impulses for change are coming from Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Additionally, data-driven decision-making and automation models of an increasingly operative nature are being introduced. This is coupled with the growing relevance of fact-based business and driver models in combination with the possibility of improving the utilization of scenarios and simulations. While the integration of business processes across corporate borders is challenging on the one hand, on the other hand it is also an quintessential advantage of the new digital corporate performance management.

At the same time, these changes are also affecting the finance organization as new work methods, roles and responsibilities arise. In order to be prepared for the upcoming discussion about competences and responsibilities with adjoining corporate functions, those in charge of controlling and finance must take early steps to develop a clear picture of their own position in the future corporate landscape.

We accompany our clients as they take the key strategic decisions needed to prepare for these fundamental changes and watch over the subsequent concrete implementation of the respective individual initiatives. Be it as part of the strategic orientation (Roadmap & Assessment), the anchoring in the organization (Change Management & Target Operating Model) or the specific design of the performance management instruments (Digital Forecasting, Digital Reporting) – our experts are on hand to exchange experiences, ideas and expertise.

Interview with Thomas H. Davenport – Visionary on Big Data