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Business-driven IT transformation – Focusing IT transformation consistently on achieving considerable benefits for business

The ideal image of a cutting-edge IT operation is a constantly dynamic IT system, which can meet the needs of the business as they arise, or even well in advance. Increasing pressure for change – stimulated by megatrends such as digitization, Industry 4.0, blockchain, etc. – means that it is more vital than ever for companies to aim to achieve this scenario. In addition, the positively perceived attributes of digitization champions (“simple like Apple” – “innovative like Google”) are rapidly translated internally into IT functionality requirements.

Major IT projects are set up to create this ideal IT operation. But do these projects have the right emphasis? Horvath & Partners helps you focus your IT transformation on providing value to your company:

  • Transformation Portfolio Assessment & Restatement
    IT transformation projects based on digitization initiatives are top-priority projects which require considerable resources. They need clear prioritization decisions, in order to guarantee efficient resource allocation, and to clearly distinguish between necessity, opportunity and “vanity projects”. We help you to bring transparency to your transformation portfolio, and make clear recommendations for any restructuring decisions which may be necessary.
  • Business Case Management
    For almost all transformation projects, a business case is created which is mostly of a financial nature; little attention is paid to quality-related goals here. Setting out the business case is seen as obligatory, while the follow-up – which we believe to be essential – is often considered a voluntary exercise. We offer support in creating a balanced business case, re-evaluating existing business cases, and following up on them throughout the project.
  • IT Workforce Transformation
    Transformation projects and a changing working environment involve sweeping changes to the tasks and capacities of IT personnel. IT personnel policy must take these circumstances into account to ensure that the IT organization can transform from within. We uncover the transformation capacity of your IT personnel, and help you implement a transformation program for them.


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