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New dynamism encounters established organizational units

The mega trends of digitization: artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, deep learning, robotics, the internet of things, and cloud computing. They drive the requirements for dynamic corporate management and modern organizations to a level never seen before.

All departments therefore need to become more flexible and respond more quickly. Monolithic organizational forms, narrowly defined division of labor and inflexible IT tools are inappropriate for the new dynamics of action. Just as is adherence to sluggish organizational processes.

It's about time. Time for agile transformation of the corporate organization.

Modern organizations are adaptable. They respond flexibly to external dynamics depending on requirements and situations. Agile projects and structured organizational units harmonize them. At the same time, they have an integrating effect between traditionally separate areas of the company.

The demands placed on employees in the specialist departments are high: only high professional qualification combined with a flexible way of thinking and approach helps to create an agile organization and breathe life into it.

Horváth & Partners is the leading consultancy for corporate performance management and performance optimization. We have in-depth expertise in the field of agile transformation and can help you redesign your organizational units.


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