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The key to success is knowing something inside and out.

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Best-in-class solutions are good. However, best-in-class solutions which have been tailored to suit the specific challenges of your industry and which work in your company’s situation are better.

We stand for two core competences: Corporate performance management and performance optimization.
Earnings-based performance management in complex environments and structures has increasingly become a key qualification for sustainable corporate success over the past few years. Here, we focus on our clients’ specific need: The need to focus the performance management systems of their groups, their individual companies, their divisions and their functions on achieving operative and strategic goals.

Performance optimization is closely connected to this topic because efficient performance management systems require you to also create processes and organizational structures which are equally efficient. Automation, shared service center organizations or process outsourcing are all examples of approaches to optimization which are discussed when it comes to designing performance management systems. In contrast, changes to business models, to management structures or to corporate processes can only maximize their effect if the performance management systems are adapted to suit these new structures.

The ideal mix between functional knowledge and industry know-how makes a world of difference.

To develop real-world strategies and successful solutions, we combine our functional competence with know-how about the specific requirements of the respective industry because the manufacturing industry needs different solutions than those suitable for financial service providers, while media companies face different challenges than power companies or public authorities. That is why Horváth & Partners have both: Subject specialists and industry experts who collaborate in teams on the specific challenge in question.

Last but definitely not least, our recognized expertise in implementation makes us one of the few consulting firms who can give you certainty: Our innovative solutions are not just pretty on paper but are actually implemented in working processes and systems. And we make sure that the changes are also understood and put into practice by your staff.