Your Entry: Onboarding, Mentoring & Networking

Join us. Take off.

Your future position will be geared to your accomplishments: Your career development is individually structured, depending on your academic degree, professional experience, strengths and preferences.

Our career stages

You can join us with an excellent bachelor’s or master’s degree or based on your specific work experience.


The onboarding days are a key component in our induction process. It all starts on your first day at work, when you will not only be given important information, but also start building relationships with your new colleagues.

You will soon be invited to your first onboarding week activities, in which you will gain a broad overview of our organizational structure. There will be more information about our strategy and values, our project management approaches and our quality standards. Experienced consultants will give you a deeper insight into our solutions. You will also take a methodological qualification taught by external trainers. You can put your new momentum to work straight away, in collaboration on a real-life case study followed by presentation of your results to the partners and management board. After that, your first project will begin as soon as possible – because we believe that active project work is the best way to develop and shape your career.


Each of our consultants is accompanied by an experienced mentor: A contact person independent of their project work, who provides personal and professional guidance and advice, from the first day onward. Together with your mentor you will define both targets and areas you wish to focus your activities and your development on. In this way, your career will be guided and fostered across all your different project work.

Networking - Horváth Camp

The camp is our annual in-house event. This is where all our colleagues come together for an exclusive multi-day overseas trip, for the opportunity to exchange knowledge and learn from one another. Our Horváth Camp has a wide focus, including our consultancy fields, project-related knowledge-sharing, and workshops on social and intercultural competencies. Of course team spirit is not overlooked, nor having fun, as informal discussion is one of the things that makes our Camp so special. And our in-house band never fails to rock us every time!