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Why Horváth & Partners

You love a challenge? We offer you the perfect environment for your career!

Everybody who knows us knows that actions speak louder than words at Horváth & Partners. It goes without saying that this applies to what we do for our clients, but it also puts our internal philosophy in a nutshell. We continuously strive at expanding our business fields and developing trend-setting solutions in our competences in Corporate Performance Management and Performance Optimization. This has made us into pioneering management consultants with international offices. Please click here to find an overview of our consulting services.

We owe our success especially to our employees. And the best way to be successful is to do it together. One of our principles at Horváth & Partners is to share knowledge and to help everyone learn from each other. It is precisely this team spirit which will lead you and us to greater things. At the end of the day, helping each other is actually also more enjoyable – and we rate enjoyment highly.

Our corporate culture is one we are very proud of and one which unites our employees. It is that very special culture of trust, of the power to innovate, of striving for excellence, and of saying yes to openness and free entrepreneurial spirit which lets us grow and become more mature every day.

What does that mean for you?

Both entry level graduates and senior professionals will find an environment in which they can continuously develop and climb the career ladder at Horváth & Partners.

We offer steep learning curves because at Horváth & Partners even larger project teams usually remain manageable and are generally interdisciplinary, consisting of experts from specific industries and specialists with functional solutions spanning a range of industries. What this means for you is that you build up your knowledge base very quickly. Alongside rapid knowledge growth, we also create the best environment for multifaceted development. Your involvement in several projects at the same time, working together with colleagues from different fields, enables you to gain a wide range of experience. Regular feedback from project heads and mentors ensures that your development is very target-based.

Our corporate culture is based on mutual trust, early assumption of responsibility and a well-developed entrepreneurial spirit, and this allows you to develop continuously. Even those who already have extensive work experience can always find new challenges, and of course the support to master those challenges. We will develop your skills with a professional education program which includes in-house seminars, support for further academic qualification, and external training courses. Great prospects, wouldn’t you agree?