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Why Horváth & Partners

We are among the most highly esteemed consultants of top management ...

Nr. 1 in Controlling and Finance


For the sixth time in a row, Horváth & Partners took an undisputed first place in the category “Controlling and Finance” in the study “Hidden Champions of the Consulting Market” carried out by the Institute of Management and Consulting Sciences in 2018. We also obtained another top spot winning first place in the category “Professional Expertise”.

Multiple award winner at “Best of Consulting” awards

In the “Best of Consulting” competition run by the German economics magazine WirtschaftsWoche since 2010, Horváth & Partners were recognized for the eigth time as one of the best management consulting firms in Germany in different categories:

2010 – Award-winner in the category “Competitive Strategy”
2012 – Award-winner in the discipline “Value Enhancement”
2012 – Award-winner in the category “Marketing & Sales”
2013 – 1st place in the category “Finance & Risk Management”
2014 – 1st place in the category “Finance & Risk Management”
2015 – Excellent in the category “Competitive Strategy”
2015 – Award-winner in the category “Marketing & Sales”
2018 – Excellent in the category “Supply-Chain-Management”

Among the Top 10 consulting brands in Germany

The German economic weekly magazine WirtschaftsWoche ranked Horváth & Partners as one of the Top 3 consultancies with the highest positive impact upon earnings. Value enhancement is also one of the three criteria which are used to calculate the Höselbarth-Lay Index, in which we are ranked No. 7 among the strongest consulting brands (Höselbarth-Lay Index 2012: Survey of 1,500 German companies on brand strength, value enhancement, and project success of consulting firms).

Top Innovator


In 2018, Horváth & Partners was awarded the seal of excellence “Top 100” for outstanding work in Innovation Management for the fourth time. The award was part of a national comparison on innovative behavior by mid-sized companies under the scientific lead of Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke (Economic University of Vienna, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation).

... and among the best employers in Germany

Top Employer

trendence – Top 100 employers in Germany

For its current study, the Berlin-based institute trendence surveyed over 15,000 students of Economics and Engineering shortly before their exams on their preferences regarding employers. We are also listed among the Top 100 employers in Germany in this ranking.

Candidate Experience Award 2015

In recognition of Horváth & Partners numbering among the 15 companies in the D-A-CH region who enthuse their applicants, we have received the “Candidate Experience Award”. This award is given to companies who have a particularly exemplary method of treating candidates. Candidates from the company were surveyed anonymously over a period of two months and they rated us on the speed, excellence, professionalism and follow-up of the recruiting process they experienced at Horváth & Partners.

Universum – Top 100 employers in Germany

More than 13.000 business students voted and ranked Horváth & Partners among the top 100 employers in Germany. This year, Horváth & Partners reached place 92th in the “Business Edition”. 

squeaker.net – Ranking management consultancies

For the third time in a row (2011, 2013, 2015), we have taken the top spot in the ranking of the most popular mid-sized management consultancies, boutiques and hidden champions.

Deutscher Bildungspreis – Excellence Company

Our outstanding Talent Management and Personal Development Program was awarded the "German Education Prize".

Kununu – Recommended by Employees

Top Company

We have been awarded the “TOP COMPANY” seal of approval for particularly good ratings by current and former employees.

Open Company

We have been received the “OPEN COMPANY” seal of approval for our high willingness to engage in dialog when dealing with ratings.