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Even if you are good, you can still become better

Wise words – and ones we live by. Perhaps that is also the secret of our success because our employees are enthusiastic about change, they love to optimize existing things and create new ones. And of course that also means always working on improving yourself. Whether in supervised learning on projects with your mentor, in the training curriculum of the Camp events, or through academic work as part of a thesis or an (executive) MBA parallel to your job: If you also want to develop on a daily basis, you will find the right environment at Horváth & Partners.

Training measures

Our attractive, needs-based internal training programs ensure our staff are trained and qualified systematically. Here you can develop not only your methodological and social skills towards whatever specific targets you have, you can also continuously build up and expand your professional expertise and learn from experts.

At the beginning of your career, our internal curricula focus on basic training and broad-based professional expertise. As your career develops and you take on more responsibility, your qualification measures will be expanded to include leadership skills, acquisition abilities, and specialist fields of expertise.
It is expected of every consultant at Horváth & Partners to work continuously on their qualifications and skills. To this end, you will define an annual development plan with your mentor which covers internal and external training seminars to ensure you are always one step ahead in terms of expertise.

We think that is a wonderful perspective.

Scholarship program

Just how important we think your individual skills and your long-term development are can be seen in the fact that we will also support your ongoing academic qualification. As part of our scholarship program we sponsor consultants in their PhDs, their MBA programs or in the completion of other business- or economy-related masters studies.

As our roots lie in academia, Horváth & Partners have numerous contacts to the academic world. The exchange of information and above all ideas with university research institutions – also at international level – is something our clients value very highly indeed. You can also develop yourself academically: We will gladly supply you with the necessary contacts to universities, departments and professors. There is also another positive side to this: By successfully acquiring a further academic qualification, you will raise the company’s power to innovate by developing methods or even opening up new topics and fields.

And what would all that preciously acquired knowledge be worth if you didn’t pass it on to others? It is a tradition at Horváth & Partners that consultants publish on their specialist fields in journals and books, as well as give presentations at congresses, symposiums and university events.


Your thirst for knowledge is insatiable? Then it is good that we offer you numerous opportunities to quench it with goal-oriented training opportunities: Once a year, the Horváth & Partners Camp offers all staff the opportunity to exchange knowledge, teach one another and learn from external experts while spending several days at an exclusive stay abroad. The topics focused on at the Camp include the consulting fields of Horváth & Partners, the exchange of experiences from projects, and issues on developing in the areas of social and intercultural skills. The Camp is also – and we feel this is very important – a place where you can keep in touch and catch up with colleagues on a regular basis.