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What is important for us is that you are among the best in your field and that you always continue to develop. If you have always found that easy, so much the better. However, that does not mean that we – unlike many other companies – operate under the motto of “up or out” or “grow or go”. Whether you want to assume project responsibility swiftly, whether you want to work on existing consulting issues in your industry, or whether you want to develop new consulting topics – we will develop you and your career in a manner best suited to your strengths. As such, to a great extent you determine your own path.

Career steps

The rate at which you progress depends on your experience and your personal development. You can rise up the career ladder from Junior Consultant (project support) via a successful master’s degree to Consultant (project tasks plus internal projects), to Managing Consultant (independent project work, sub-project lead, responsibility for specific topics), to Senior Project Manager (project lead, acquisitions, topic/ product development), to Principal (major projects, account management, staff responsibility, and finally to Partner (corporate management, business unit responsibility, market/ business area development).