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You enjoy your studies in economics and business administration, engineering or business data processing and this enables you to be an outstanding student?

You would like to gain an insight into the work of management consultants?

Alongside part-time work as a student in our company, we also offer internships both during the semester and in the orientation period between bachelor studies and master’s program. Our internships provide excellent insights into the daily work of a consulting firm and project work. From day one at Horváth & Partners you will be involved in project work, supporting our projects us as a team member or as part of general back-office activities.

If you complete an internship with us and distinguish yourself through the high standards of your work, we will reward you with membership of the Horváth Student Club. From this point on we will accompany and support you all the way through to the end of your studies and offer you exclusive events, the chance to exchange information and experiences with other “old hands”, and regular news bulletins, as well as other student activities and final graduate papers.


If you are interested in an internship, ideally you are in the third semester or higher and have at least two months you can dedicate to us.

From day one you will be working on projects together with our consultants or at the respective office and will learn all about the multi-facetted work of a consultant. On-site you will provide active support for the teams and will increasingly take on more responsibility. For example, you will be involved in preparing studies and articles for journals, undertake research or design presentations. Thanks to the challenging work, you will prove to your colleagues the value of your outstanding analytical abilities and your structured thought processes.

If you play your cards right, you will have the opportunity to write your graduate paper (thesis, dissertation) in-house.


Right from the beginning of your studies you can support our consulting teams one or two days a week and learn all about working as a consultant. If your work meets expectations and your studies progress accordingly, you will be welcome to apply and extend the knowledge you acquire in an internship later on during your studies.

Graduate paper

Based on a prior internship, we will offer you the possibility of writing your thesis or dissertation at Bachelor, Master or PhD level at Horváth & Partners. We will gladly offer support and advice in your choice of topic from our fields of consulting. Just contact us with your suggestion!


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