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Regardless of whether your apply as economic scientist, business engineer, or business data processing specialist, whether you come to us with extensive experience, are a lateral entrant or a graduate, whether you wish to start as a consultant, feel you can master the challenges of a principal, or wish to support us in internal services or as a project assistant: Horváth & Partners offer so many and diverse entry possibilities.

What you can expect


Our requirements for consulting can be outlined as follows: You have a university degree in economics or business administration, or in a technically oriented discipline. During your studies you laid the foundation of working in your chosen consulting field by selecting the appropriate majors and through completing outstanding and demanding project-based internships with excellent success.

As a professional, you have experience in management consulting, or you work in industry or in the service sector on issues concerned with corporate performance management or performance optimization.

As a rule: On a personal level, you impress us with your strong capacity for analytical and structured thought, have unconventional ideas, a well-developed team spirit, and a high degree of social competency – and all of this is rounded off with a dash of humor, which we find especially important. We are looking for colleagues who can enthuse other people and will enjoy the manifold challenges which await them at Horváth & Partners.

Selection process

If your application portfolio is a convincing argument in your favor, we will invite you to interviews.

We do not have a fixed entry point for most positions in consulting, which means you can apply at any time of the year. We will always take your application into consideration for different positions across different industries and departments in our company.

For entry as an intern, we will carry out a personal interview with you to get to know you and to get an impression of your professional and specialist knowledge to date.

For full-time employment as a graduate and with professional work experience, you will pass through two interview rounds with case studies and presentations.

If you have very extensive work experience, the selection process will vary individually depending on position and function. In interviews with the Partners we will examine mutual expectations, possibilities and synergies to decide together if you should continue along your path to success with us.

Application documents

We prefer applications are made using our online application tool. There you can upload all your data in comfort online – and we can process your application directly. That includes cover letter, résumé, certificates and references.

When applying for an internship, please also state your preferred time frame and office location so we can pass your application on to the correct address for further processing. We also recommend that you submit your application for an internship at least three months before you wish to start.