Corporate Values

We grew up with values.

It is our desire to set high standards in behavior and attitude which makes us so successful. Our particular culture of trust, innovation and striving for expertise as well as embracing openness and free entrepreneurship enables us to continue to grow and mature still further - and makes us stronger. Every one of us individually and the company as a whole.


Our word is our bond. Reliability – that is what counts for our clients, our colleagues and all our business partners. We take plausible decisions and engage in dialogue with others. We earn the respect of our clients and colleagues by dealing respectfully with them.


Thinking ahead means seeing the big picture, developing ideas in dialogue with others and then acting accordingly. Taking full advantage of the latest business, economic and scientific research findings, we use fresh ideas and concepts to open up new ways forward for us and our clients. We thrive on creating innovation.


We achieve better results by sharing knowledge with other colleagues and raising our level together. We continue to evolve and improve ourselves while persistently enhancing our excellence and executing it with pragmatism. We learn each day and compare ourselves with best theories and best practices for the benefit of our clients.


We take the opinions of others seriously, be they colleagues or clients. We practice open communication and accept criticism. For us, arguments are more important than hierarchy.


Everybody should be free to use their abilities to benefit the customer. We take responsibility from Day 1 and set ourselves ambitious targets to achieve the best possible results - for our clients' success as well as for us.