Structural improvement in profitability

Be prepared for the downturn

The 2008 financial crisis sent shockwaves through the financial sector and manufacturing industry. In the years that followed, the German economy was able to benefit from a global economic upturn; many companies leveraged the opportunities available to achieve growth and strengthen their competitive position. In many cases, the cost structures that were established at the time now require rapid and robust adaptation to respond to currently declining order intake and sales. Our experts will support you in structurally and effectively improving your profitability.

Ensuring the ability to act

Integrated transformation

When it comes to improving profitability, it’s not enough to simply optimize costs in the short term. Our advisers will show you ways of making all your company functions, processes and structures fit for the future. Applying our proven approach to transformation, they will identify levers to increase your profitability and ensure viable optimization on a cross-function basis. Together, by means of cross-functional transformation, we will generate the necessary financial margin to strengthen your market position.

Cross-functional expertise

Improving earnings with the right partner

  • We offer you the right team, with the right solutions and the intuition you need
  • We combine profound industry knowledge and methodical knowhow in improving profitability.
  • Our advisers have strong crossover functional expertise along the entire value chain, as well as in SG&A functions.