The Steering Lab serves our clients as springboard to make their quantum leap into a digitally intelligent future by harnessing the full potential of Big Data and Machine Learning.

Deep-dive and use-case workshops

See the world with different eyes

As a leader in our Munich Steering Lab since 2015, you can put to the test how it relates to the industry's digital initiatives in your company, regardless of industry or function. Since then, our deep-dive and use-case workshops have become a reference event.

You therefore experience machine learning in a practical test. We familiarize you with

Quantitative Business Modeling and Quantitative Systems Modeling (QBM/QSM). You evaluate your own use cases and methods and recognize possible performance improvements with QBM. And get valuable impulses on how an integrated digital transformation is successful.

In the workshops we combine basic and individual information

modules and use-cases of your company. We adapt each workshop to

your industry and requirements. Send an interdisciplinary team to your deep-dive or use-case workshop and benefit from a holistic understanding of QBM/QSM.

Main topics (selection)

  • Aspects of information theory and quantitative management 
  • Machine learning in practice
  • Data-based decision-making: What is already possible today, what does the future hold and what could a target vision look like?
  • Tell us your topic! We design the right workshop.

Impulse lectures for your management

Boost digital initiatives

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, modern management systems: Digitization is fundamentally changing ways of seeing and thinking in your management. Our impulse lectures for company managers highlight the opportunities and performance limits of intelligent machines in everyday business and the technical adjustments that are required. You will receive suggestions on how to tactically manage your business by means of algorithms and make the right strategic decisions. 

Our well-placed impulses help you to further develop and accelerate your digital initiatives. You can expect open, cross-industry discussions with new approaches and inspiring ideas.

Co-thinkers and pioneers of digitization are very welcome.

Main topics (selection)

  • Opportunities and limits of artificial intelligence 
  • Technical adjustments in the company 
  • Cultural change in the company: Reconnaissance tasks of the management
  • Necessary priorities for strategic decisions
  • Tell us your topic! We call you our specialist.

Lectures for your conferences and other events

Take the plunge into the digital age

The digital world is becoming more complex - the need for well-researched facts and structured information is growing. Our speakers will give a dynamic lecture on the key topics of technological progress and its profound changes. Digitization, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence: What technological possibilities do we have? Which socio-economic challenges should we expect? 

These questions are equally relevant to your company, management, employees and society. Our "Key Notes" inform, inspire and activate all listeners, regardless of the event format. The speakers provide striking impulses and exciting perspectives on the upcoming changes. 

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

Albert Einstein

Insight must precede application.

Max Planck