Who we are – What we deliver The complexity of our world increases faster than our economic growth. Economies of scale are threatened by much larger complexities of scale. Demand is global and differentiates ever faster and so is competition, while hyperregulation poses as an additional burden on businesses every day.

Without sufficient information and information processing capacity businesses will not succeed in this hypercomplex global socio-economy.

Our classic methods and tools are too slow and too inaccurate to achieve the required speed and agility in the digital economy. We have to face the fact that humans cannot make decisions or act as quickly and accurately as machines in fast developing complex systems and situations. Our gut feeling has taken us so far, but managers begin to realize that steering businesses successfully will now require different means.

Big Data and Machine Learning make up the two components of this new 4th production factor

  • Machines started to learn from the data they acquire through their sensorics
  • They can steer cars and machines in highly complex and varying situations and environments with millisecond and millimeter precision
  • They beat any individual or expert group in forecasting sales or costs and they can make twice as good recommendations to clients as an expert salesman
  • They can optimize the most complex logistical systems in real-time and re-adjust upon system exceptions minimizing any interruptions
  • They can optimize prices for goods and services across thousands of items in hundreds of stores and deliver sophisticated custom-tailored promotion campaigns
  • They can find out what your competitors’ suppliers are up to in the remote corners of the world
  • They can track risks, events, innovations, opportunities or the power of your brand globally 24/7and alert you upon any critical changes in your socio-economic environment scanning millions of documents across the internet every day
  • They can learn human behavior and respond to it predictively and semantically

The Steering Lab develops all these state of the art Big Data and Machine Learning solutions as fully functional productive applications that deliver superior analytical and decision-making capabilities for every function of every company in every industry tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

We help our clients to make better market predictions, to optimize all of their processes and their offerings to better understand the needs and demands of their clients wherever they are. We help them train their products and teach their machines.

Our Business Radars stand guard and watch out over their global business environment not to miss important trends and developments and not to miss out on innovations and opportunities wherever they arise.

Our solutions begin where the classic methods and instruments have met their final limits.

Our quantitative data-based models, embedded in customizable applications, enable our clients from all industry sectors and public services to make complex decisions much more effectively, much faster and much more efficiently.

This is what we call Quantitative Business Modeling and Quantitative Systems Modeling. And this is what helps our clients to achieve business supremacy in their domain and deliver superior value in the digital economy.

All our solutions are fully customizable to every client’s specific needs or plug-and-play ready. Also, special R&D projects are conducted in very close collaboration with our clients and in secured environments at the Steering Lab. We command our own high-performance compute infrastructure to guarantee full control and security.

Our objective is to deliver superior business impact value and the biggest competitive advantage to our clients.

We deliver and measure the delivered quantifiable business value of each and every QBM solution we propose and deliver.

Our mission is to help our clients make their quantum leap into the digital future today!

The goal of the web is to serve humanity. We built it now so that those who come later will be able to create things we cannot ourselves imagine.

Tim Berners-Lee

Everything that is possible demands to exist.

Gottfried Leibniz