Steering Lab

Only data driven companies will make a quantum leap into the future.

We deliver machine learning solutions for clients in search for supremacy in the digital economy.

Big Data and Machine Learning constitute the 4th production factor

The digitally interconnected world generates an enormous and exponentially increasing amount of data of all types. This data is the reflection of our physical world, our biosphere, our society and our economy. With every day that passes another Exabyte of data is generated and another ten Petabytes are made publicly available in the form of Open Data. And this is just the beginning of Big Data.

Ever cheaper prices for ever more accurate sensors and actuators and ever more prosumers of digital content drive this exponential data generation.

The spread of the IoT with its smart machines and infrastructure and the emergence of dexterous robots and autonomous cars as well as biosphere sensors, will make it possible to model all physical, biological and technological systems at every level.

And Machine Learning allows us to describe, analyze, predict, and control these complex systems via mathematical models with a level of precision and speed unthinkable just a few years ago.

This will revolutionize the understanding of our world, our society and our economy. It will enable us to gain a much more profound understanding of markets and companies, and of us as humans, citizens, consumers and employees with all our needs and demands.

It will enable companies to deliver On Design and On Demand products and services and thus become much more efficient in all its processes from strategy to research and design, through to manufacturing, delivery and services.

Big Data and Machine Learning make infrastructure and products smart, machines and processes intelligent, and constitute the 4th production factor in the digital economy. It is the road to AI, autonomous machines, intelligent spaces and self-optimizing businesses with superior agility and efficiency.

Only companies that command the 4th production factor will be able to evolve and prosper in the digital socio-economy. Only companies that invest in intelligent infrastructure, intelligent production processes and machines, and in intelligent products and services will steer their businesses into a prosperous future.

The Steering Lab serves our clients as springboard to make their quantum leap into a digitally intelligent future by harnessing the full potential of Big Data and Machine Learning.