Strategy alignment

Rethinking the company direction

For many companies, setting a course in the right direction is an important issue because they need to invest resources in the future of their business divisions today. Regardless of the current challenges, are you still following the right course? Do you need to fine-tune it or rethink it altogether? Based on the many conversations we have had with successful managers, we know that good strategy work offers the certainty that you are implementing the right guiding principles and focal points for the future. Our experts will examine your company’s course together with you.

Strategy process

Making your company even more valuable

Every strategy process is different because the questions relating to the content and the industry-related challenges vary in each case. Our experienced advisors know the components you need for a strategy that is perfectly tailored to the reality of your company and will make it even more valuable.

Four-level model

From strategic baselining to strategic renewal

We distinguish four proven, effective approaches to redesigning your strategy. With ‘strategic baselining’, the core strategy is not changed; instead, new impetus is built into it with a view to agility, speed or consistency. ‘Strategic streamlining’ reduces drivers of complexity within the business model. ‘Strategic conquering’ is a strategy that sees the company leave hesitation behind and switch to attack mode. Finally, ‘strategic renewal’ – in the vein of traditional strategy work – involves a full makeover of the overall strategy. All of this is achieved on the basis of the ‘strategic fundamentals’ – the fundamental question of whether the company mission and core market at all allow for profitable growth. Together, we will find out which approach best suits your current situation.

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