Climate protection targets and decarbonization

Drive the green transformation forward

The decarbonization of value chains and production sites is a central component of the green transformation. Political conditions and technical innovations are driving decarbonization across industries. At the same time, the prevailing – and now even stricter – climate protection targets pose enormous challenges for decision-makers in companies. Our consultants will show you how to align emissions savings of considerable scale with investments, and how to track them along the entire value chain.

Green business models and strategies

Develop comprehensive solutions

We use decarbonization roadmaps to demonstrate the technological options available and show how you can prioritize them. In the next step, we test the business model to more precisely analyze the costs and potential for your company. This enables you to evaluate target structures from the outset and to use them as a sound basis for making decisions, so you can make investments within the framework of the defined strategy.

Sustainability management

Effectively combine targets and actions

The technological and regulatory drivers of decarbonization create complex requirements for your company. To review the progress and initiate necessary adjustments, you need to align individual targets and actions by means of an integrated management approach. In addition to state-of-the-art reporting, we also comprehensively anchor sustainability into your organization. Working together with you, we will introduce coherent reporting that is integrated into all business processes.


Operationalize decarbonization

We understand the operational challenges of decarbonization, and we address these with solutions that suit your business. We think beyond your industry to create ecosystems: From procurement to production to distribution. Location-related factors are often central here. Our collaboration with a refinery, for example, has revealed that this site is already able to use hydrogen economically by means of synergies with a nearby cement factory.