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» You will never progress in peaceful isolation, what you need is lively interaction with others. «

The underlying principle of our panels is to foster the exchange of experiences and to develop personal contacts.

For those in charge of Operations, Sales as well as Finance and Risk Management in companies in the financial industries, we offer special platforms for the ongoing optimization of operational excellence (OpEx FI), sales performance excellence (Sapex FI) and the finance & risk excellence (FinREx FI).

All these exchange platforms have one thing in common: They facilitate learning from best practices and provide thrust and impetus for discussing innovations and how to transfer them to your company.

The regular panel meetings give participants the opportunity to discuss results and best practices in detail, to make new contacts and to develop personal networks. The exchange of ideas and experiences across industry borders as well as the specializations in specific industries and topics make participation on the panels a real win for those in charge of these fields in their companies and organizations.