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“Segment of One - Production”

Customer’s Gain, Manufacturer’s Pain? – What Segment of One means for Manufacturing

Customers demand freedom of choice with regard to product specifications and service delivery, to fulfill their specific needs and requirements. As K. Fleisch pointed out in his point of view on “What Segment of One means for Sales” (April 2021) sales organizations today increasingly put customer centricity at the top of their sales strategy and push the personalization of products and services. This leads to the customization of what so far had been mass products (“mass customization”).

This has significant implications for all subsequent process steps in the value chain, especially for production. Hence, this point of view will emphasize the new challenges that emerge in production, and illustrates these with insights as well as offering guidance on how to successfully address these challenges.

Brecelj, J. / Prevost, C. / Statna, D.

Published in: Point of View, 2021

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