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Office of Strategy Management - Closing the gap between strategy formulation and implementation

In a competitive environment molded by accelerated technological change, increasing global competition and volatile markets, the quality of strategy work is decisive factor for long-term corporate success. Successful strategy work is based on two dimensions: the strength of concept of the business model (“Be different”) and the strength of implementation to achieve strategic goals (“Be better”).

The business models of above-averagely successful companies (“market masters”) consist not only of strength of concept but also a high degree of implementation skills which enable them to fully unleash the power of their strategy. In a market environment where the strategies of competitors are often very similar it is successful implementation work which makes one company stand out from the rest.

Once believed by many, the idea that “good” strategies pretty much implement themselves has proved itself false. Indeed, reality has shown there is considerable need for development when it comes to the ability of companies to implement their strategies: nine out of ten top decision-makers definitively state that the successful implementation of strategies has a decisive impact upon the future competitiveness of the company.

Muratcehajic, D. / Wolf, T.
Erschienen in: White Paper, 2016

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