Point of View

Managers’ behavior as a success factor in transformation projects

A short guide for managers who want to act as professional change leaders

The economic, social, and ecological changes in the recent past have increased with regard of intensity and frequency. The associated necessary adjustments to strategies, structures, value chains and ways of working are becoming more complex and profound for companies.

Consequently, managers are facing new and different challenges in leadership and change management. Empirically, however, only 30% of change projects achieve the defined goals. An understanding of leadership that is appropriate to the challenges is required, in which the manager is one of the most important success factors for a successful change or transformation.  

In recent years, we at Horváth have had the opportunity to support executives in challenging change and transformation projects and have summarized the fundamental success factors and levers of an executive in this Point of View.   

Get to know, how managers must lead and act to become an effective success factor in transformation processes. 

Muri, L. / Vögel, S. 
Published in: Point of View, 2022

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