White Paper

“How to reset the course of your Operating Model“

Key levers for a post Corona Organizational Transformation

From one day to the next, business leaders have been confronted with the challenge of successfully steering their companies through the global Corona pandemic. It is the biggest crisis we have seen in 75 years, with uncertain but significant impact on the future. Forecasts predict a massive GDP decline as well as revenue and profit drops for many companies. In this uncertainty, business leaders need to prepare their organizations for a “Post Corona World”.

Over the past month, leaders have focused on assuring the survival of their companies. Putting employees’ health first, switching to remote working routines, and assuring liquidity were the tasks at the top of the to-do-lists. The results and experience show that many leaders have done a magnificent job in these turbulent days and have acted tremendously fast. Rapid decision making, cross-functional collaboration, and cost focus are just some of the successful strategies that we have seen from our clients.

Boramir, R. / Fink, H. / Kühnemundt, S.
Published in: White Paper, 2020

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