Horváth & Partners‘ Approach

Functional Cost Management

Eight key developments will shape the CFO agenda of which one is to improve profitability and liquidity with strict performance management.

The economic prosperity of recent years has in many firms been accompanied by inattentive functional cost management. The Corona crisis only revealed the shortcomings that had long existed in this particular domain. 

Strict functional cost management is a major lever for the sustainable improvement of your bottom line. From our experience, companies which invest in functional cost management are in average more successful than those who do not. With our unique and field-proven approach to functional cost management we have the appropriate instruments to improve your individual situation. The range of possible measures covers the management of functional costs from a group perspective, improving individual functional performance, gaining transparency in overhead functions but also achieving short-term efficiency improvements.

Dr. Graf, S. / Tobias, S.
Published in: Horváth & Partners‘ Approach, 2020

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