White Paper

Customer Journey Mining

The added value of a quantitative analysis of customer touchpoints

Data generated from systems as well as the technologies to evaluate it are being used in a wide variety of business sectors to increase efficiency and generate measurable added value. By using external data such as web logs, companies can gain entirely new insights in the customer journey as well as relationship management and thus take the analysis of them to a new, previously unattainable level. In particular, the ability to evaluate customer behavior on a quantitative basis has been lacking in the past, even though it can ensure representative and complete analysis with regard to customers. Companies that understand how to handle the available data and use it correctly have a clear competitive advantage in their respective markets. Join us on this journey towards the quantitative analysis of customer journeys and discover the untapped potential it holds for your business’s growth and success. 

Gutmann, T. / Haas, M. / Winter, B.  
Published in: White Paper, 2023

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