International social listening analysis

Worldwide online discourse reveals success factors for "New Work" strategies

The world of working has profoundly changed since Covid-19 and the months of lockdown. What is future work going to be like – with pandemics as a persisting risk? This is one of the most and intensively discussed topics on the World Wide Web, as a recent Horváth research based on a large-scale social listening project shows. The analysis provides valuable insights for developing strategies to meet new challenges in the world of working.

In order of importance, the following "new work" topics are discussed most on the World Wide Web: organizational transformation, digitization, specific challenges faced by employees, (digital) education, sustainability, gender issues, racism, and the topic of transportation with a focus on pandemic-related challenges in logistics.

Concerning "organizational transformation," the discussions focuses on the challenge to harmonize two aims: On the one hand, putting health and well-being of employees first, which requires flexibility to work remote at any time – and on the other hand, the need to find clear regulations on office, remote and hybrid working models. 4-day weeks and 6-hour days are also discussed in this context.

Other findings include:

  • Remote work is rated slightly more positively than negatively, although there is a lot of exchange on major challenges and possible solutions.
  • Robotics dominate discussions on the digitalization of work.
  • “New Work” discourse mostly takes place on Twitter and is dominated by male authors.

The detailed results from the various topics provide companies with valuable information for transforming their work organization.

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