Future of Employment

The use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to counteract the shortage of skilled workers, make processes more efficient and thus save costs and improve planning and product quality.

But how can GenAI be used in production-related functions, for example in the automotive industry? We examined this question in the study “Future of Employment in Operations”, for which we interviewed high-ranking experts from science, management, IT and consulting with a focus on AI. The result: production-related functions can be largely automated through the consistent use of generative AI – and this already until 2029. 

According to AI experts, up to 80 percent of the tasks of indirect functions in the automotive industry that are characterized by cognitive activities will no longer be carried out by highly paid specialists in the next six years, but by AI technology. The following functions are at the top:  

  1. Production controller  
  2. Production planner 
  3. Methods engineer 

In the comprehensive study report, you will find out exactly how AI could be used, and which functions are rather unsuitable.  

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