HR_F: Human Resources of the Future — Digitally-Evolved

New technologies lead to far-reaching transformations in Human Resources: not only for day-to-day work, but also concerning the future organisation of HR departments. It benefits not least from streamlined, digitized processes, high quality data, and time saved which can be concentrated on tasks that add more value.

Horváth & Partners’ answer to this development is a trend book on the topic, titled “HR_F: Human Resources of the Future – Digitally-Evolved”.

Based on our analysis and project experience, we predict that only about 25% of present-day HR duties will be carried out by HR staff by the year 2030. All other tasks will be digitized or reassigned to managers, who will be utilizing digital HR tools in the future to carry out management tasks related to personnel. This way companies will benefit from employees being more motivated, which will then have a positive effect on employee productivity and operations results.

One of the key questions will be: How should HR organise the remaining 25% of the duties related to personnel? What is HR’s residual mandate within a company?
The trend book provides practical instructions for these and many other transformation challenges as part of the digitization of HR. Other than including an outlook on trends (such as how HR will develop as part of the advancing digitization and deliver a heightened value contribution to the success of the company), it also provides a collection of our project experiences with regards to the implementation of digital HR. 
HR is in a state of radical change! Our streamlined best-practice project approach not only supports our customers in their choice of HR IT systems, but also in all conceptual questions during implementation. It thereby ensures a comprehensive view of HR and successful rollout of implementations.

The publication date for the trend book is planned for the beginning of the year 2020. Please fill out the contact form under the following link and you will already receive the entire trend book from us as an exclusive pre-publication. You are also very welcome to contact us directly.

Author(s): Horváth & Partners

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